About Us

Atlas Global Consulting is an Information Technology (IT) consultancy founded on the premise of providing superior information technology solutions to clients across multiple industries. Our strategy builds on our expertise in process management, service delivery and core technology to assist clients with reaching their defined goals so they can deliver long term value for their customers. Utilizing our industry knowledge, specialized services, and technical capabilities allows us to identify new business and technology trends to develop solutions to help clients:

• Increase revenues in existing markets.

• Improve operational performance.

• Deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.

Atlas Global Consulting focuses on implementing high quality technology deliverables by ensuring sound implementation processes by using industry best practices, development standards, industry accepted development methodologies, and a quality control models resulting in sound deliverables that meet project requirements. 

Our process management teams ensure strategic alignment with leadership goals, strong project financial controls, collaborative planning sessions, resource management, risk management, value delivery, and quantitative performance management as core principles our service delivery methodology.

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Las Vegas, Nevada , America

Tel: (877) 832-7166, Mail: staff@atlasglobalconsulting.com

Yorkshire, England , United Kingdom

Tel: (877) 832-7166, Mail: staff@atlasglobalconsulting.com

Roppongi, Tokyo , Japan

Tel: (877) 832-7166, Mail: staff@atlasglobalconsulting.com